Industry Insider: In-depth With Stillen


Kyle was fairly adamant that I show this in the article. There are tons of rumors going around that Eibach makes sway bars for Stillen. While it was true in the early days of Stillen that bars were manufactured for them for a time, that is no longer true for their sway bars. These are Stillen made parts and this device was created by the Stillen team to test the torsion strength of their sway bars.
Pressure from the hydraulic pump is read on the dial as you pump it to twist on the arm of the sway bar. It’s even got a heim joint just like their sway bar connectors do. They even used this to test another manufacturer's claim of a sway bar being over 150% stiffer than the Nissan OEM 350Z sway bar. That is a drastic number and it turned out to be true. However, further testing showed that the bar only saw a benefit on a track prepared car with slicks and a fullu tunable suspension. Stillen bars aren’t 150% stiffer because they know that the majority of their customers are not driving track prepared cars on the street. If they wanted to however, they could certainly design bars that stiff.
StillenAfter the exhaust, intake, or sway bar is created…
StillenIt is sent back to the main building at Stillen which is where we started. It’s put together as a kit and packaged in a Stillen box.
StillenThen it is either stored at their shipping warehouse or sent to your door.
StillenSo, that is Stillen in a nutshell. If you are in Southern California, be sure to stop by for a visit! You never know what’s rolling into the door next and what parts they are in the process of creating.



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