Industry Insider: In-depth With Stillen


StillenStillen's superchargers range from centrifugal for most cars and come in polished or natural finish…
StillenTo the roots style superchargers for most trucks. These two kits are being built for the VK56 Titan.
StillenWhile this kit is for the VQ40 in the 05 and up Nissan Xterra. No, they don’t make a VG33E kit, which made me sad. Yes, I asked.
StillenIn a small room towards the back of this building was the mockup room for their styling kits. Normally, there would be car on the rack behind the table in this picture.


However, they had just finished up with creating parts for the new Infiniti Q50. This will be the buck for the Stillen diffuser.
StillenThey were also in the process of finishing up a front splitter that will be used on the Altima.
StillenLooking to the front of this room is where the fiberglass is made for these bucks and test parts. No Cardboard Aided Design here.

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