Industry Insider: In-depth With Stillen


StillenThis includes the AP Radi-Cal line of products.  .
StillenMost interesting, though, were their new Carbon Ceramic rotors. First, the obvious thing to do was compare the weight of an AP cross drilled iron rotor versus Stillen's new Carbon Ceramic rotors. It was incredible to feel the difference in weight.
StillenKyle then shared some interesting tidbits concerning Carbon Ceramic rotors. The first was that most owners who opt for the factory Carbon Ceramic rotors will remove them and replace them with iron versions. Not due to the fact that they are very expensive, which they are, but because you can’t really tell if a carbon ceramic rotor needs to be replaced without weighing them.
That’s right, you don’t measure the thickness of a carbon ceramic rotor; you have to weigh it. Once the ceramic bond is gone, the rotor weighs less and you have to replace it. However, this only happens, typically, at the surface of the rotor and is why it never wears to a minimum thickness first. AP has created a new process of having the ceramic bonded to the individual carbon tubes that create the rotors. This allows the entire ceramic bond to be used instead of just the surface. So, not only will these rotors last far longer than OEM, they will actually stop better.
StillenAcross the street from Stillen is their shipping warehouse. This is where Stillen and other manufacturer's parts are stored and then shipped to your door.
StillenYou may be asking, just like Nick did, why would Stillen sell a competitive part alongside a Stillen part? Kyle explained that there is a twofold reason: First, they want the customer to be satisfied. If they want an Injen intake over a Stillen, they will sell what the customer wants. Second, Stillen will only sell parts they also believe in. So, they won’t try to sell you a part if it doesn’t actually live up to its claims and Stillen’s testing.
StillenIt can be Roush, Magnaflow, AEM, or anyone else; if Stillen sees a part worthy of them carrying it and the customer demands it, they will offer it.

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