Project G37S Introduction

I really love using Lexol.  It doesn’t leave that super greasy appearance I hate.  To get these results it took a couple of treatments and happily after six months the brown in the leather hasn’t reappeared.

A lot has changed for me since 2003.  With two kids ages five and eight four doors are a must for my daily driver.  I honestly wanted a Lexus ISF but since we already had one of those in our stable at MotoIQ it didn’t make much sense from a project car perspective.  Unfortunately the rear seat is also on the small side for the pre-2014 IS.  Lexus hasn’t seen the need to build a 4 door version of the ISF regardless that it would be completely out of my price range but they have addressed legroom issue in the new body style.  The IS 350 F sport was also a consideration but it just didn’t seem special enough from an enthusiast standpoint to stretch my budget to its limit.

Just taking some notes on the headliner here.  So you’re starting to see some of the reasons I was able to knock the price down on the car I bought.  I guess this was my attempt at being like that quirky English guy from Wheeler Dealers only I had to be Ed China and fix all this stuff too.

This was addressed with some carpet cleaner, Simple Green and a brush.  I find this sort of material can only be scrubbed so much before you get a small amount of damage as shown.  I thought it was worth the risk and certainly better than looking at that pen mark.

By 2007 Infiniti reshaped the body of the sedan allowing it to avoid a few branches of the ugly tree the earlier car hit. The displacement was bumped up slightly and Nissan no longer pulled horsepower if you wanted an automatic and 4 doors.  The S model I was after included a limited slip differential, upgraded brakes from Akebono (4 piston in front and 2 in the rear), a firmer sport suspension, seats, wheels and magnesium paddle shifters.

In my search for a G37 I certainly had no problems finding regular Journey sedans but I had to cast a much wider net for a Sport sedan.  I found two cars locally, a pristine gray one with 30k miles and a pristine price to go along with it or a pearl white car $7k cheaper with 54k miles.  Knowing the literal hell any car on Phoenix freeways goes through it was an easy choice to save some cash and throw some more elbow grease into making the car my own.


At first I thought this was a bag of bolts from my old Sentra laying around which fit perfectly to replace missing screws from the bellypan underneath.  I realize that these we’re probably from my wife’s old Altima SE-R.


  1. This is similar to what I’ve been attempting to build but quite different. I want to take my q50 3.7l engine and rebuild it upgrading (attempting) to make a 3.8l gtr engine…..or at least push the same horsepower …can I use the 3.7l engine block and swap out the internals to make an gtr 3.8l engine????? Is this possible if I change the crankshaft and camshafts along with connecting rods and pistons and valves etc….???? Will this work so that I am pushing high 400s maybe 500s horsepower with all moter???
    I don’t have the money to buy a gtr car or engine so I thought this might work….. Maybe bore and sleeve it also???

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