Project G37S Introduction

This last part is why many of us hate taking our cars to dealerships.  Nothing like pulling the dipstick to realize that yep they changed the oil just like they said they did but they overfilled by at least a half quart.  I dropped that oil and put in fresh Mobil 1.

With all that sorted we wouldn’t bring attention to any car without some performance intentions.  So now we’ve come full circle to putting the car on a transport to Texas where we’re going to start a three part series of go faster stuff.  Why Texas?  When we approached UpRev about using their OSIRIS Standard ECU on our G37 we asked what their recommendations were for local tuners in the Phoenix area.  But instead of happily sending us on our way they asked if we’d be interested in having our project shipped out to them at their shop in Austin.  It was the sort of offer you don’t say no to so we’re off to install a bunch of parts we’ve received from Stillen and Fast Intentions.

See why I spent all that time cleaning the leather?  With no fold down seats in the car and brand new pipes I figured this wasn’t a horrible way to go to pack up the exhaust.  I guarantee the engineers at Infiniti didn’t have this scenario in mind when they designed the rear passenger compartment.

So this last bit is pretty funny…  My buddy from work Alvaro spotted my car on its way to UpRev and shared this video.

Until next time Happy Motoring!


  1. This is similar to what I’ve been attempting to build but quite different. I want to take my q50 3.7l engine and rebuild it upgrading (attempting) to make a 3.8l gtr engine…..or at least push the same horsepower …can I use the 3.7l engine block and swap out the internals to make an gtr 3.8l engine????? Is this possible if I change the crankshaft and camshafts along with connecting rods and pistons and valves etc….???? Will this work so that I am pushing high 400s maybe 500s horsepower with all moter???
    I don’t have the money to buy a gtr car or engine so I thought this might work….. Maybe bore and sleeve it also???

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