Project GD STI: Getting Rid of Chassis Flex with Cusco


The handle slips in a little more forward in the frame rail hole.

Now the bolt can be attached!

The front and rear bolts go into pre-threaded holes that already exist in the chassis. 


George snugs down the bolts but does not fully tighten them with an electric impact. 

The final tightening is done by hand.

After doing some careful measuring and marking, George cuts notches in the aero panels to clear the new braces. 


  1. After installing all the Cusco parts do you think that if you could do it over you’d have chosen Cusco instead of Whiteline for the parts you replaced in “Part One- Rebuilding the Suspension” ?
    I’ve looking to do the same suspension things to my 04 STi as you did with with this 05. I’m tempted to be just as snobby as you and go all Cusco. coilovers, bushings, ends, links, bracing, etc.
    Do you think that would be too far and its better that you got KW, Whiteline and Cusco in various parts?

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