Project GD STI: Getting Rid of Chassis Flex with Cusco


For the main part of the brace that attached to the frame rails, once again Cusco supplied an inner mount with a captive nut with a built in long handle to make installation a lot easier. 

This is for the outermost mounting point for the brace right on top of the main frame rail, a good solid point. 

The center mounting point bolts are tightened from under the car. 




Now the bumper beam, bumper cover, and taillights can be reinstalled.

As a final touch, George trims the rear trunk panel finisher to clear the brace. 

The final installation is nice and clean!

Adding all of the Cusco chassis braces was a decent amount of work. The question is, was it all worth it? The answer is a resounding yes; it seems like an exaggeration, but the car is very much improved. With no other adjustments at all, the car rides much better on the broken pavement around MotoIQ headquarters. 

The freeway ride is also much improved and now freeway hop is totally eliminated. The car's handling is much effected as well. Turn in and steering response, in general, is much improved to the point that we kept finding ourselves turning in too soon and have to get used to the car's improved response. 

The car is also much improved in bumpy turns.  Anyone familiar with how a greatly lowered GD does in bumpy turns knows that the rear suspension starts to bind and contributes to a hopping motion in the chassis which reduces grip. In severe cases, it can cause the entire chassis to pitch. We are happy to report that with the bracing this is greatly reduced, and with our future chassis refinements, which will include softer rear trailing arm bushings, we are hopeful that we might even be able to eliminate this. 

Is the car as solid as the new VA chassis? The answer is no. The VA is a modern design with the shock towers closely integrated into the cowl as well, as many strengthening unibody design features to help the car with the new narrow offset barrier crash, and nothing outside of a weld in roll cage is going to get the GD on that level. 

Are we done?  Not quite. We are looking to add a little more bracing to the front of the car soon. Stay tuned.


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  1. After installing all the Cusco parts do you think that if you could do it over you’d have chosen Cusco instead of Whiteline for the parts you replaced in “Part One- Rebuilding the Suspension” ?
    I’ve looking to do the same suspension things to my 04 STi as you did with with this 05. I’m tempted to be just as snobby as you and go all Cusco. coilovers, bushings, ends, links, bracing, etc.
    Do you think that would be too far and its better that you got KW, Whiteline and Cusco in various parts?

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