Project GD STI- Keeping Cool with Greddy and Koyo!


The airbox with the temporary tube.  The air filter element was still hitting the intake pipe but at least it all went together enough to drive.
Here is a view of what we have so far.  We still have to fabricate an intake tube to position the air filter element better inside the airbox and add the Synapse DV.
Next up is the Greddy oil cooler.  To clear the stock downpipe we had to cut a tab off of the stock downpipe heatshield.  If you have a performance downpipe already, you don't need to worry about this.  We taped up the stock oil filter boss to keep chips out.  You can see that the Greddy cooler works in conjunction with the stock oil to water cooler that fits under the oil filter.  You can see one of the coolant lines in this picture.
We cut the tab off with an air saw.
Then sanded the cut smooth.
Next we added the Greddy oil cooler hose adaptor and started to route the oil cooler lines.  The lines are big dash 10 in size for plenty of flow.  To protect the lines from abrasion we covered them with a tough polyethylene wrap.


  1. Do you have any other picture for where the cooler mounts. Im trying to install the same kit on a 2004 sti and have trouble figuring out where the lower bracket goes.


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