Project GD STI- Keeping Cool with Greddy and Koyo!


We put a double layer of wrap in areas where contact with edges of the unibody or lower crossmember were unavoidable.
We mounted the cooler with the supplied Greddy brackets, installed the lines and the metal air guide plate that keeps air from going around the cooler between the cooler and the bumper cover.
Here is the front view of the cooler.  We had to trim the air guide to fit our bumper a little as it was a little too wide for our car.  We think the plate is oversize is so it can be fitted to a 2004-2007 STI which had two different styled bumper covers during it's production run.
The lines route between the sway bar and the lower crossmember.  To give the lines more clearance and to avoid hard contact with the crossmember and front antisway bar, Howard fabricated these aluminum spacers to move the crossmember down.  We used the plastic conduit supplied with the kit as a final protective layer on top of our wrap.  We don't want our oil hose abrading though under any circumstances!
The Greddy adaptor has plugs in case you wanted to add oil temperature and pressure sending units.
We added heat shield wrap to any areas where the hose was anywhere close to the hot exhaust.


  1. Do you have any other picture for where the cooler mounts. Im trying to install the same kit on a 2004 sti and have trouble figuring out where the lower bracket goes.


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