Project GD STI, Out with the Old and in with the New!

It is time for us to swap out our damaged EJ257 and install our IAG 700 engine.  We spent a lot of time waiting on parts to finish the job, Covid has really screwed up the supply chain, making getting parts a time-consuming process, and we didn’t want to start until we had all the necessary parts.  Since our car is a 19-year-old vehicle and we wanted it to run with no problems for a long time, we replaced every single piece of rubber for the engine under the hood, which meant every single hose.  On a modern car, some hoses can be difficult to change when the engine is in the car and most hoses are mission-critical.  All of the coolant hoses and vacuum hoses were changed with HPS Heavy Duty Silicone or genuine Subaru OEM parts.  Fuel lines were changed to Earls Pro-Lite hose using Earls AN fittings.

We started by removing the intake manifold, turbo, headers, up pipe, charge pipes, fuel, and coolant lines from the old engine.  Then all wire harness connections were removed.  Finally, the motor mount and bellhousing bolts were removed and the motor was ready to come out.

We used a cherry picker and took the engine out through the top.  Interestingly our hoses were in ok condition.  We have seen these typically brittle in customers’ cars of the same age and mileage as our car.  Maybe keeping the car garaged its whole life makes a difference.

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