Project GD Subaru STI, Checking out the Ultimate Streetable Clutch with XClutch.

The disc backing plate is riveted to the drive splines for the hub in many places.

The floater plate that goes in between the clutch discs has drive lugs that engage in the flywheel.  The lugs are undercut to give debris that might cause the floater to hang up a place to go. The floater is also decently thick to resist warping.

These are the drive luges for the floater cut into the flywheel.

First, one disc is put down, then the sprung drive hub.

Then the floater is put down with its lugs in the flywheel drive lugs.  Then the second disc is installed on top of that.

Here is a close look at the stack. Note the nice thick floater plate.  This will really resist warping.


  1. Does the clutch/flywheel assembly need to be specially balanced? The lugs and lightening holes don’t look at all symmetrical.

    Looks like a well designed and made part. I really like the CNC’d lugs.

  2. Some really clever solutions to make this clutch the best of many worlds. Love seeing all the detail you provided in the article to explain why decisions were made. Looking forward to hearing some driving impressions!

    And surprisingly, I could actually get the same setup for my Volvo if I need a clutch to handle some big power. Not many companies support such an oddball chassis, so that’s kind of exciting.

  3. I was debating on a clutch setup for my Spec-B and I know from experience that the Exidy multiplate is OBNOXIOUS (but works well) I’ve been looking at the X-clutch for some time but after reading this analysis I’ve made up my mind! Now if only you guys hadn’t taken what seems to be the only one left in the country!

      1. Finally got my clutch in, 5 months from date of purchase. What an amazing piece, can’t wait to get going on my project again!

  4. Would you consider the unsprung version of this clutch would be manageable for a daily driven car? Could you kindly explain what differences in driving experience would running an unsprung version yield?

  5. I am so glad to have found this website! I’ve ben following you, Mike, since Sport Compact Car and that Nissan Performance web magazine you wrote for way way back. This clutch will most likely go into my bugeye once I destroy my current clutch

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