Project Gen3 STi – Wheels, Bars, and Bits


OEM front bar STi SubaruProgress Group Subaru Impreza WRX STi front sway bar anti roll MotoIQ
The front bar mics out slightly larger than 22mm when checking various spots along the bar. It is cold formed in house by the Progress Group. 

Progress anti-sway bar Subaru Impreza WRX STi installed


We always take the time to soak bolts with this midwest car and that can take longer than the actual removal process at times… Better that than shearing bolts we always say! With the front bar installed we chose to use floor jacks to load the front suspension (with jack stands within 3 mm of the unibody of course) so that we could adjust the endlink height. We ensured the links were as vertical as possible and that the bolts entered the brackets freely under load and proceeded to torque them to spec. Overall the front was a very simple install even with taking the extra time to properly install the end links.


Progress end-link kit heim joint versus OEM SUbaru end linkThe Progress end links use quality heim joints as well as machined spacers that match the ID of the heim centric. This is super trick as it allows you to maintain a nice vertical alignment for the end link keeping the chances of bind to a minimum and also relieves stress from the heim assembly by placing it within the bolt hole; they are also height adjustable. The OEM joint is just there to make the picture look better as clearly it is inferior to the Progress assembly.
Progress anti-roll bar STi Impreza WRX Subaru front heim joint end linkWe were thankful for how much room there is around the front end links as it made the installation easy and will also do the same for future adjustments and maintenance. We chose to set the front bar on its softest setting.

For the back of the car we wanted a much larger bar and also the same adjustability and for this Progress suggested a 22mm 3 position bar and their end link kit. Similar to the front we raised the car and supported it with jack stands. We started by removing the muffler as it provides a lot more room to work and also allows us to properly photo document the process for your viewing pleasure. Just like the BRZ, things are easy to reach with the muffler out of the way and we had the OEM bar out within a matter of minutes.


Subaru Impreza WRX STi GR rear sway bar removal OEMWe feel it is much easier to remove the muffler for this installation! As you can see, by removing the two bolts and taking the muffler off the hangers, the rear sway bar is completely exposed making the installation vey easy. This worked really well considering our garage floor was frozen and the space heater was cranking to keep us warm! 

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