Project Gen3 STi – Wheels, Bars, and Bits


With that bit of literary excrement removed, in went the CNC aluminum Kartboy unit that uses urethane bushings. The pitch stop mounting location is directly on the top back side of the motor where the transmission mates to the block and as such this modification improves shifting performance by reducing rocking under load. Because we are in the process of other modifications the top mount intercooler was already off of our car and this made installation of the Kartboy stop a two bolt affair!


OEM Subaru Ppitch stop versus vs. Kartboy


Kartboy shifter bushing combo packThis is the Kartboy shifter bushing combo. It comes with a sticker, it also comes with candy. We ate the candy while taking this picture. 

We next turned to the underside of the car where we used the Kartboy urethane shifter bushing combo. This kit replaces the front rubber bushing and the rear stay bushing with higher durometer urethane bits; decreasing slop and providing a more direct shifter feel. With these items in place one can really feel the shift engagement as well as the stiffness provided by the combination. The Pitch stop definitely transmits more trans noise to the interior however it is perfectly tolerable in our opinion and in the case of a car like the STi we rather like it.


Kartboy front shifter bushing Subaru Impreza WRX STiKartboy shifter bushing front WRX STiThe front bushing is easy to remove once you expose it and unbolt the linkage. Once removed the two piece and metal sleeve design makes the install of the Kartboy piece a breeze.
OEM shifter pivot bushing Subaru Impreza WRX STiKartboy rear shifter pivot bushing installed STi WRX Impreza
The OEM rear pivot bushing is horribly flexy and ugly! Due to the fact that the threaded inserts for the bushing is part of the unibody they are NOT perfectly aligned in EVERY car. In our case the fitment was spot on but others have reported the install to take some tweaking. This is NOT a result of the bushing design and you simply need to take your time to align the bolts and bushing. 

The last drawback that needed to be addressed was the OEM shifter and in order to ditch that we turned to our Aussie friends at Go Fast Bits. Their short shifter is SUPER trick in the way it works and how it is adjustable! You can shorten the throw to your liking and in addition you can use their mounting brackets to preserve the proper fulcrum point to reduce bind and decrease that notchy feeling. In our case we wanted a nice solid feel with slightly shorter throws and yet did not want to increase the shifting effort or make it hard to find specific gears. 


Go Fast Bits short shifter GFB STi Impreza WRX

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