Project Infiniti G20 Racecar – Roll Cage



Infiniti G20 Racecar race car sparco Ultra seat rollcage
The Sparco Ultra met all our safety and price needs.


In order to keep you located within the cage you are going to need a good seat. We highly recommend getting an FIA homologated seat for the best in safety. A benefit of getting an FIA seat is you do not need a seat back brace – as long as it’s mounted correctly. Our seat of choice was Sparco’s Ultra, which provided an attractive price and impact-spreading fiberglass construction, and a slot for the fifth and sixth belts for our harness. In order to ensure we moved with the cage in an impact we removed all of the flimsy sheetmetal stock seat- mounting points and replaced them with 0.095″ wall DOM tubing tied to the main hoop of the roll cage. With our current seat mounting design, if the cage were to move due to impact, our seat position would move in relation to the cage, not the floor.


Infiniti G20 Racecar race car roll cage seat mountsInfiniti G20 Racecar race car roll cage
Seat mounts are tied in to thecage for added safety.


Finally, use roll bar padding to cover all bars you have even a remote possibility of touching while strapped in – you would be surprised how much a driver bounces around even in a 6-oint harness. Roll bar padding may look like “pool noodles”, but we’re not looking for buoyancy here folks.  Be sure to use proper roll bar padding that meets SFI 45.1 specifications.

Congratulations, you have officially made your car a trailer queen! Please do not try to drive your car without a helmet, even for short trips on the street. During an accident, even a minor one, banging your head on the roll cage can seriously injure or kill you.


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