Project Infiniti G20 Racecar – Roll Cage



Infiniti G20 Racecar race car
Not so fast!  One more step before you can hit the track.


Once your cage is complete, it will have to go through a Safety Inspection that can only be performed by a NASA inspector or an approved shop. Before you take your car in to be inspected, you must drill a 3/16-inch inspection hole in each of the required bars. After the inspection, you will receive your Competition Vehicle Logbook. All entrants are required to have and present a current logbook on demand. Make sure you do not lose it since only one logbook is usually issued per vehicle.



Designing a roll cage can be intimidating, but you are now more prepared to tackle this daunting task. Don’t forget to check with the sanctioning body you plan to compete with for the rules that will dictate your build, as well as all other safety requirements such as restraint systems, fire suppression, etc. If you are unsure as to how to proceed, print the rules up and take them to a reputable cage builder like Revenge Motorsports.


Stay tuned for our next installment, as we tackle the rest of our interior prep and take a stab at simplifying the miles of wire running thorugh our luxury grocery-getter.


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