Project IS-F Part 5: Sikky Manufacturing Rear Sway Bar, Figs Engineering Adjustable Lower Arms and Toe Links, Project Mu Brake Rotors and Pads


We placed the stock toe adjuster eccentric at the maximum inboard position and made the toe link longer than stock.  This reduces toe steer as the longer link travels through a flatter arc.
We opted for a Sikky rear anti sway bar.  The Sikky bar is 2mm larger than stock at 19 vs the stock 17mm and is straighter with less bends which makes it more effective.  The bar is also 3 way adjustable.  When adjusted in the furthest back soft hole, the bar is about 50% stiffer than stock or about the equivalent of the 18mm F-Sport optional bar, the other common rear IS-F bar on the market.  The middle hole is around 90% stiffer than stock and the stiffest position is 170% stiffer than stock.  The Sikky bar has a high quality rust resisting powdercoat finish and has hard urethane bushings and high quality end links.  Sikky is the only adjustable sway bar for the IS-F on the market.
The Sikky endlinks are corrosion resistant stainless and have a billet center that is reverse threaded so the preload can be adjusted while they are on the car.  The length can also be adjusted for minimum angularity while moving them from hole to hole.
Howard installs our bar.  To prevent our bar from squeaking and to reduce friction we wrap the bar with teflon tape where the bushings ride then lube the bushings with moly grease.  The teflon tape trick really works on any urethane bushing.
Since we are running a pretty rear biased tire stagger we ran our bar in the middle setting for reduced understeer.
At 19mm the Sikky bar is the thickest antisway bar on the market for the IS-F.


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