Project IS-F Part 5: Sikky Manufacturing Rear Sway Bar, Figs Engineering Adjustable Lower Arms and Toe Links, Project Mu Brake Rotors and Pads


We opted for a set of Project Mu Type NS brake pads.  Type NS brake pads are Project Mu's street pads and are rated to 750 degrees with a coefficient of friction at a high .40 with a flat curve.  This means that the NS pads have very consistent action even from cold and the pad feel is consistent throughout the operating range.  The pads are designed to be quiet and have minimal dust while still having decent performance that exceeds the OEM pads.  These pads are not really for track use although they can probably take light track use.  The NS pads have a non asbestos compound with a slight metallic content.
The rear brakes with the Project Mu pads and rotors.  The stock rear brakes are large 2 piston Brembos.
The front brakes with the Project Mu NS pads and rotors.  The stock brakes are 14″ Brembos with six piston calipers.  We bought the IS-F partially because of the killer stock brake system.
A closer look at the front brakes.
Our brakes with the Volk G2 wheels.  The more open G2 wheel really shows of the brakes.
Our car is looking pretty good!


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