Project IS-F Part 5: Sikky Manufacturing Rear Sway Bar, Figs Engineering Adjustable Lower Arms and Toe Links, Project Mu Brake Rotors and Pads


Our Figs Engineering lower arm's multiple end link holes allowed us to install the end links in the best position for the least amount of angularity.  This allows the bar to work with the greatest efficiency.
We also slid our lower shock mounts to the furthest outboard position so they could run at the lowest motion ratio possible.  The shocks are the most effectually stiff in that position.  Running the shocks inboard would give more wheel travel but would effectively lower the spring rate and require more damping force.  The Figs lower arm allows a lot of adjustment flexibility.
The IS-F comes with huge 14″ rotors and six piston caliper Brembo's in the front stock.  In this way it is really hard to improve on the stock brakes.  However we experienced severe rotor wear and pads that made horrible corrosive brake dust.  Since our rotors were shot, we replaced them with as set of Project Mu OEM replacement rotors.  These are the front rotors.
We opted for slotted rotors as drilled rotors like the stock rotors tend to crack under hard use.  This is the rear rotor that has an integral parking brake drum.  The Project Mu rotors are a no brainer replacement as they are high quality and cost much less than stock Brembo rotors.
Like the stock rotors the Project Mu rotors are of a pillar vane type.  Pillar vanes are just that, instead of radial vanes, they have pillars between the two friction surfaces.  Some brake experts say that this is better for cooling in non repeated severe brake applications as the pillars have more internal surface area than straight vanes.
The inside of the rotors are painted with a heat resistant silver paint to prevent ugly rusting around the hub area, a nice touch.


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