Project Lexus IS-F, Improving the ride via the brakes with FIGS Engineering


The FIGS Engineering rotors were 18 lbs each.  The rear rotors saved 2 pounds each and the fronts a whopping 8 pounds per side!  That is 20 pounds of rotating and unsprung weight, a considerable amount.  We were sure this was going to be a feelable difference.  Getting rid of the iron in the center of the rotor and replacing it with billet aluminum really helps.  Since the rear rotors had to have the iron friction ring, the weight savings were not as significant.
Like we mentioned before a 6mm bolt can help get the rotors off the hubs.
The new rotors were an even tighter fit on the hubs.  We had to be very careful seating them and torquing down the wheels as it is easy not to tighten the wheels enough until the rims are fully seated.  Do yourself a favor and double check this very carefully.
This dimple is not a defect, it is a mark from a Rockwell harness testing machine that FIGS uses for quality control.  Every rotor is checked for proper hardness.
Now that's a brake system!  No more GT-R brake envy!  Since this is the Wife's daily driver, not often a track machine, we left the dust shields in place.  The car is only driven hard during lunch runs anyway.
We are really impressed with how the rear rotors look and know we can ebrake at any speed repeatedly with confidence!

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