Project LS S13: Part 1 – Getting the Chassis Ready


With the interior out, it’s time for the crappy part of prepping an interior for installing a cage, removing all of the sound deadening and seam sealer. 
Sound deadener is asphalt soaked felt or cardboard.  Removing it sucks.  Over the years we have tried many things from heating with torches and scraping, grinding with wire wheels, to scraping with air chisels and even setting it on fire.  The easiest, safest, cleanest and least damaging to the car method we have found to date is to freeze the deadener with dry ice to make it brittle and then breaking it into pieces with mallets.  Here Chris Marion attacks the back section of the car.
Stephen Quinn piles the dry ice on some curved areas.  You need gloves to keep from getting frostbite as dry ice is really cold.  Stephen has helped strip every single car we have built in the last 10 years.
The dry ice needs to sit for about 5 minutes to get the deadening brittle enough to break.
Once everything is nice and cold, a dead blow mallet is used to shatter the sound deadening.  This is fast and pretty easy.
On vertical surfaces we use plastic wrap and masking tape to make pockets to hold the dry ice in place.

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