Project LS S13: Part 1 – Getting the Chassis Ready


More examples of the plastic bagging method for freezing vertical surfaces.
The sealer near the front of the transmission tunnel is more rubbery and requires more freezing than the rest of the car to get it brittle.  We really had to pack in the dry ice.
After removing the sound deadening, it was time to dehorn the car.  This involves the removal of all the sharp unused brackets from the car interior that get in the way of cage fabrication or makes for sharp edges that can injure the driver in a crash.  We used a spot weld removal drill bit from Harbor Freight to drill out the spot welds of these parts.
Here is the spot weld remover bit in action.
Here are some of the excess non structural sheetmetal and brackets that we removed from the car.
After drilling the spot weld, a nugget is left behind.  Here Stephen grinds some of the weld nuggets smooth using an angle grinder.

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