Project LS S13: Part 1 – Getting the Chassis Ready


The final step is the removal of the seam sealer.  An angle grinder with a wire brush is used to dig all of the sealer out.  It is very important to use eye protection as the brush sometimes sheds bristles at high speeds.  Gloves can prevent injury due to brush flechettes as well.


It’s slow and tedious work but it makes for a much cleaner interior later.


Our stripped out car is now ready for some cage fabrication.


Now that our car is stripped, we have to find a fabricator to work with us on the cage and other stuff.  This is going to prove to be tough as all of the guys we know are currently super busy with work for the up coming race season.

We also need to source seats, a steering column, fuel cell and a brake system before the main fabrication can start.  Stay tuned! Our goal is to have this car running and sorted by the next SEMA show and to run in the Optima Challenge.



Motoiq project 240sx land speed racer
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