Project MKIV Supra: Part 15 – Preliminary testing of the Precision CEA 6870 Gen2 turbo.


Here is the Supra waiting for testing at Modified by KC (MKC). I remember, early on, when I felt the Supra was a rather big car. In fact, that was one of the reasons I had changed the ca from its factory-white color to its current BMW Estoril Blue. But here it sits next to two other exotics of the day, the Nissan GTR and the C7 Corvette Z06. The Supra looks like a little MR2 by comparison now. Both cars flanking the Supra are around the quad-digit horsepower range, by the way.

Since MKC’s Dynoject 424 dyno is elevated, the car must be driven up a four-post lift. So it’s nice to see them use Race Ramps so that they don't jack up our front end.

I’ve got a set from that I keep at home as well.

The Supra is on MKC’s dyno, and ready for action.

MKC owner Chad Charlton, pictured here, and brother Ryan (who just got married this week–congratulations, Ryan!), run the shop. Thanks to them, I've got project cars and lots of dyno time. Chad has extensive experience tuning a variety of ECUs, including AEM. He's also in constant contact with the big EMS companies. In fact, he's on the phone here with Henry Schelley of AEM.

Ok, let's see what this turbo does!

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