Project MKIV Supra: Part 15 – Preliminary testing of the Precision CEA 6870 Gen2 turbo.


Here’s a quick video we did on a runway straight with plenty of grip (thank you, cement!). Since it was a near 80F and humid, we expected the 26-27 PSI (instead of the 30 PSI we see when it's below 65F), which should be a theoretical 800 WHP, given our dyno run. Notice not only how fast the speed climbs, but also how nice the PTE CEA 6870 Gen 2 turbocharger spools once the throttle is mashed. Keep in mind this car's got a 4-in thick intercooler, larger exhaust runners and intake ports, 272 cams, and 1-mm oversized valves–all of which make larger chambers to pressurize and, theoretically, would create more lag. It's impressive how well everything has come together.

While the spool up may seem slow to some, keep in mind that the wheels are breaking loose only when the torque is that great (remember, this is cement, not asphalt, which is slippery by comparison). So, that doesn’t mean that the 2JZ isn’t making good torque before that—look at the dyno chart again for reference. In fourth gear, that’s over 400 lb-ft of torque from 80 MPH thru 140-plus. That’s quite a power band at this power level for a 3-liter!

Speaking of the MPH, in the video you also have to keep in mind that the speedometer is roughly 6% pessimistic, which means we’re actually doing 106 MPH at an indicated 100 MPH (so we’re hitting over 130 MPH in reality here). This is due to the larger (taller) rear tires over stock. Still, you get the picture—the car moves well.



For a little weight reduction, we decided to try out a Braille lightweight AGM 82618 battery. It features a whopping 1168 cranking amps and only weighs 17.5 pounds, which verifies the 18-lb advertisement. That’s about half the weight of a factory Supra battery.

You may recall we moved our battery from behind the driver side headlight to the trunk, just behind the right-rear passenger. That little black box you’re catching a corner of on the right is our little five-channel amplifier, which is not only low-profile but also very light weight and fits perfectly in that right-rear section.

The battery has been installed for about two months.  So far, no problems.

Some of us may see some rain with our Supras (I really don’t but I took this picture because it goes with my point). Unfortunately, our wipers are a little outdated. carries a full line of Denso “Designer-Style” wipers, which helps bring that look a little more up to date. Again, it’s the little things.

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