Project MKIV Supra: Part 15 – Preliminary testing of the Precision CEA 6870 Gen2 turbo.


It’s an easy, five-minute installation. Here’s a Sparkplug.som/Denso unit in the front, compared to the stock unit in the back. It may not be one of those things you look at on a Supra and say, “dang, you’ve gotta change your wipers!” But once you’ve seen the comparison, I can’t imagine many of us not wanting to! Especially if it’s time to change them anyway.

Here’s our Supra with both Denso wiper blades installed from Like I said, it’s the little things.

You may be wondering why I haven’t sent the ECU back to AEM yet to get that serial port fixed. Well, that’s because the car is too dang fun to drive today that’s why! And, because I might be looking at 2-3 weeks turnaround time with the shipping and all, I don’t want to not have the car for that length of time. If I at least had my AEM Infinity-powered Project E46 M3 running, I might consider it (otherwise I've only got my daily beater to drive). Let me get her back on the road first—it’s getting a lightweight clutch and flywheel treatment by ClutchMasters (but this job is such a pain). It’ll be done soon! Stay tuned.

At MKC Performance, I had been eyeing this black Supra over the recent months. It was getting all sorts of goodies done to it—I mean full engine, EMS, new turbo, wheels, exhaust, and a bunch of other goodies.  Pretty much most major things this side of a paint job.

MKC recently completed it, and it’s looking absolutely stunning. Photo courtesy Catt Webb.

With a Precision CEA 6266 turbo, it’s also running extremely well. In fact, it laid down 650 WHP and 520 lb-ft of torque through an automatic transmission! Here’s a final shot of this lovely Supra, which is owned by a girl, Catt, who is an insurance broker here in the Kansas City area.





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