Project MKIV Supra: Part 17 – Back in blue with TwinZ Design


Here’s a view of the front and side. It gives the Supra that desired updated look, without straying from the factory lines.

Here’s a shot of the rear. Unfortunately we’re not able to use the Shine Auto Projects rear diffuser, which I so love—at least not yet. We haven’t figured out how to mount it safely. In order to have gotten it on today, we would have needed to use the original rear spats behind the wheel, which are narrower and sit considerably higher than these TwinZ Design units. This, however, would disrupt the lines of the car’s profile.

Since I prefer to keep the new TwinZ Design rear spats to maintain the profile’s lines, we’ll be hopefully figuring out something else for the diffuser. Coming up with good, strong mounting points will be the difficult part.

From the top down, the Supra has its original lines, with the addition of newer-school front and side splitters. I actually don’t miss the Top Secret-style hood as much as I thought I would, and the there’s so much more “blue” now.


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