Project MKIV Supra: Part 17 – Back in blue with TwinZ Design


Speaking of a Supra’s profile, years ago I came up with this profile comparison of a wingless Supra I found on Google, with that of a Ferrari 599. It appears Ferrari may have taken a page out of Toyota’s book, and from one of their [Toyota’s] cars that was released no less than 13 years earlier. Pretty remarkable, isn’t it?

This is where the Supra will be spending its winter. Actually at some point Irwin asked to take it back, as he wants to give it one last polish (he’s very OCD). But these new body parts, coupled with the 98 headlights that Irwin also went in and refinished, make me love the new look.

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed the car’s 2JZ-GTE engine. Take notice at the blue Gates belts. Those suckers had turned black. But my wife gave me a great household trick to bring these suckers back to their blue greatness again, which is discussed in the next page.

It’s still rockin’ the same Precision Turbo 6870 Gen 2 turbo (1.00 AR spit) that was featured in Part 14 without worry. In its initial testing, Chad at Modified by KC was able to get around 820 wheel horsepower (SAE) on his Dynojet 424x at just 29 PSI on E85 pump fuel via the car’s AEM Infinity EMS. I’ve been driving the car set to 30 PSI. It’s scary without traction control. The heat is kept in the turbine with a PTP “lava” turbo blanket, which works beautifully and will prevent the turbo’s heat from damaging the new paint on the hood.

Always noticeable is the Hypertune intake manifold. One would think that with the large port intake runners; the 90-mm throttle body (vs. the stock 65-mm unit), the 4-in ETS intercooler; the S45 PHR exhaust manifold with 1.5-in primaries (vs. 1.25-in); Titan 272 cams; and a 68-mm turbo, that the 3.0-liter 2JZ’s power delivery would be crazy-laggy. However, by 3500 RPM, the PTE 6870 Gen2 starts to ramp up nicely in the lower gears, and by 3000 RPM in the taller gears.

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