Project MKIV Supra: Part 17 – Back in blue with TwinZ Design


Here’s a video of the speedo at around 27 PSI. While we’ve featured it before, it’s just to shows how streetable this rather large setup overall still is. Using an old-school turbo of this size, it definitely would have been sluggish. Try not to pay attention to where the RPM is at when the tires breaks loose because that’s just when it’s making a lot of power. In other words, I could very easily make it look like it’s got a much quicker spool-up if I just went on an asphalt road with much less grip. Also, keep in mind the speedometer is actually 5% pessimistic (reads slow) while the tach reads 200 RPM optimistic. Not too bad for a turbo that can be pushed up to around 1100 WHP on this setup.

Speaking of the engine and things blue, one of the things I was recently disappointed with was how fast my otherwise pretty blue Kevlar Gates belts have turned black. My wife proposed a trick, which worked great!

You know those little $1 magic erasers that you can use to clean walls? Those things work wonders on these belts. Check out the difference after about a minute of scrubbing. Also notice how black the timing belt got in the background!

In case any of you Supra guys have ever considered TwinZ Design body parts, here are a couple more shots. We’re very happy with the fit and finish—although I do miss my rear diffuser. We’ll get something figured out soon, I hope.

Check out how far our Supra has come from stock on the next page.

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