Project MKVI Golf TDI: Dieselgeek “Panzer” Heavy Duty Aluminum Skid Plate


The Dieselgeek studs are “double-nutted” so that they can be torqued down to the old subrame bolt specifications.

With the new mounting studs in place the 30mm conical shaped nut can now be removed (see below).


With both studs inserted through the engine subframe the rear mounting points for our skid plate are complete.
Moving on to the front, the kit includes stout 10 gauge stainless steel brackets that mount to the underside of each of the frame rails.  Our Panzer will bolt to these brackets rather than the flimsy underside of the front bumper where the factory plastic pan mounts.
There are two threaded studs protruding from underneath the driver's side frame rail but they are not strong enough alone to support the Panzer Plate in the event of a large impact.  Rivnuts inserted into hexagonal holes in the frame rail provide two additional mounting points for the Panzer Plate.  

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