Project MKVI Golf TDI: Rawtek Exhaust and Malone Tuning


Rawtek TDI Exhaust

The complete Rawtek turbo-back system in all of its stainless beauty. Sized at 3” from the first bend, this system stills fits as well as it looks. At top is the only muffler for the system (TDIs run very quiet unless pressed). Not pictured is the optional straight pipe to replace the muffler.

In addition to removing the DPF, the Rawtek downpipe removes the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system on our car. In a gasoline engine, EGR is a minor inconvenience that can occasionally fail. In a diesel engine, the exhaust must be cooled by the engine’s coolant system, and the combination of diesel exhaust soot with oil vapor from the PCV system can result in some very nasty buildup on the inside of the intake manifold. While the CR TDIs don’t seem as susceptible to this type of buildup as their predecessors, cooling diesel exhaust and re-burning its soot is not good for the engine’s long-term reliability.

Rawtek downpipe

The Rawtek downpipe section with integrated flex pipe. Luckily, VW uses V-band clamps for all exhaust connections, making removal and install painless. Note all of the sensor bungs. The VW TDI’s ECU is practically self-aware with the myriad of sensors it monitors. Don’t fart too forcefully, it knows.

Rawtek cortek resonator

Rawtek’s Cortek resonator and rear section. Note the little details like the intricately bent exhaust hanger that sets this system apart.

The Cortek resonator or optional straight pipe. While TDIs run pretty quiet, we were skeptical that it would be quiet enough with no muffling whatsoever.

The Cortek resonator is of straight through design, and its triangular shape allows for easier fitment in the exhaust tunnel.

The stainless tips give a nice understated, rice-free appearance.

All stainless hardware makes for a reliable system for years to come. The exhaust clamps make for easy manipulation and fitment, but do require that a little thought goes into installation to make sure everything lines up correctly.

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