Project MKVI Golf TDI: Rawtek Exhaust and Malone Tuning


After our DPFectomy, installing the Rawtek piece is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

But first we need to install the EGR blockoff plate supplied with the kit, along with a little high-temp silicon to ensure a perfect seal.

The new downpipe uses the stock V-band clamps and O2 and EGT sensors.

With plenty of clearance around for rattle-free operation.

After install, the underside of our car looks ridiculously simple and empty in comparison.

And under the hood appears stock to most eyes.

So, the end result of our mods? Power comes on sooner, sharper and hangs on a little better through the rev range. Fuel economy is up a solid 3-4 mpg, depending on how stupid we get with the right foot. Honestly, we should be getting much more, but we’ve been spending too much time converting rubber to smoke. Sound quality is quite acceptable with the resonator in place, and the car sounds like a pissed off jet without it (though it is too loud for our less tolerant, no longer punk kid ears). Smoke is somewhat visible while mashing it on the freeway, and is much more apparent when booting it while stationary on the dyno, but not hooligan levels of smoke screen. Enough with the impressions, I want numbers, you say? Check out the following video to see how it did on the dyno.  (As we always mention, bare in mind this is a Superflow dyno and the numbers read low compared to most other dynos.  On any dyno, pay attention to the net gains rather than comparing across dynamometers.) 


We tested the exhaust/tune both with the Cortek resonator and with just the straight pipe and are pleased to report that we paid no price in terms of power anywhere on the powerband for the significantly quieter resonated pipe.  Net gains were ~24% increase in peak horsepower from 122hp stock to 150hp, and ~30% increase in peak torque from 207lbs/ft stock to 269lbs/ft.  All that power AND improved fuel economy?  It's not often you get that deal!



Malone Tuning



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