Project MKVII Golf R: Finding More Power with COBB Accessport

Project Golf R MKVII: Finding More Power with COBB Accessport

by Isaac Sandoval


In our last update on on this project, we started preparing for power modifications by installing a Fluidampr crankshaft pulley. That modification went much better than expected with the car picking up a few horsepower in the process. Despite that small bump in power from the pulley install, having near stock power levels on the Golf R all this time has definitely become a little bit boring, especially knowing the potential of the hardware under the hood. We have been waiting patiently for COBB to release their Accesstuner for the Golf R, and they have finally delivered. The Accessport tuner and hard parts are now available for the MKVII Golf R, and we are going to test out the gains on our Project Golf R.


My 2015 WRX was such a fun car. It was my first Subaru and proved to be a very good chassis. This car had the full COBB treatment with their Big SF intake, Accessport, and cat back exhaust. 

My past experience with Accessport tuner on my 2015 WRX was very positive. That particular Accessport was my first experience with COBB products and I have to say that it was money well spent. As time went on and that product matured, COBB released new features and tunes as well as hard parts that made the value even better. This type of long term product support is a characteristic I can really appreciate in any company.

I had a ton of fun with the WRX Accessport, and I look forward to seeing what new features COBB releases for the Golf R Accessport. 


COBB delivers a very high quality product and along with that comes top notch packaging and even a nice molded storage case for the Accessport and associated cables. I usually do not like leaving the Accessport mounted in the vehicle, so having a nice place to store it when it is not in use is a heck of a lot better than just letting it flop about in the glovebox. COBB does include a mounting solution, should you choose to mount the Accessport to your dash. 

The Accessport tuner is a hand held tuning device that is basically a plug and play operation. This is the V3 version and has quite a few accessories for the tuner available from COBB, such as variety of face plates and mounting solutions. 

The process for installing the Accessport is as simple as pluging it in to the vehicle OBD II port using the included cable, and then following the prompts on the Accessport display to install a tune. There are several tunes preloaded on the Accesport, and it is always a good idea to first connect the accessport to your computer before installing a new tune to update the device firmware and get the latest OTS maps from COBB. They are always doing their best to update maps with fixes and features. Again, this kind of support is really one of the most compelling reasons to consider COBB when you are looking for some additional power. 

The Accessport includes a nice compliment of accesories that will get you up and running quickly. In addition to the case and communication cables, COBB also includes a nice mounting dock and extra black faceplate if you want something more subtle. I like the color of the stock faceplate, so that will be staying on. 

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