Project MKVII Golf R: Finding More Power with COBB Accessport


Here is the dyno plot after the Accessport Stage 1 91OCT v101 flash. The torque gains are really impressive! We are seeing a peak torque gain of 19ft lbs as well as an additional 14 wheel horsepower. Those are some very impressive gains for the baseline flash. There is also a high boost 91 oct flash, but we did not have time to fully test that out. 

The gains we see from just the base stage 1 flash are very impressive and the car feels completely different. You can definitely feel that extra torque as it shoves you back in your seat just a little bit more than before. This is exactly what this car needed. This is a great starting point for the power improvments on this project and we are considering adding some more of the COBB hard parts for even more performance gains. 


Martin and Ian are both liking the results of the Accessport flash.
Usage of the Accesport doesn't stop at flashing. This little device is packed full of awesome extras. We were able to use the data logging to get some great log files and check out the condition of the tune at different locations. This is really handy.


The data logging capabilities are very robust and capture a lot of very useful data that can be used by the tuner for troubleshooting and tuning. We like looking over this data to see how things are running and making sure our engine is healthy. 
The data logs can be accessed from the Accessport Manager software. You simply connect the Accessport to the computer and start up the Accessport Manager. look at the data log tab and you will see the data log files in .csv format. 

If you have been on the fence about buying a tuning solution for your MKVII Golf R, we hope this overview will help sway you in the direction of the Accessport. You have all the tuning capabilities you need in your hand and you can even use it for gauges and data logging. We think COBB has done an excellent job on this product and have been a fan of the Accessport for a while.  

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