Project MKVII Golf R: Finding More Power with COBB Accessport


Martin is warming the car up on the dyno to make sure the oil temps and engine temps are at normal operating levels. This is essential to getting comparable data for product testing. 


With the baseline runs complete, Martin takes a look at the plots and gets them set up for our power runs. Comparable data is vital to providing feedback on the products we test, and we do our best to make sure that we are getting the most accurate data to present to the readers. Thankfully, Martin knows exactly what to look for when we are doing this type of data comparision and is also very careful to make sure the car is operating in nearly idential conditions when the runs are performed.
Locating the OBD port on the Golf is very easy thanks to the bright pink color and the driver side footwell location. This is where you connect the included cable to the car to allow the Accessport to talk to the ECU. The cable has plenty of length, so you shouldn't have any problem using the Accessport from any location in the front of the car. 

After we performed the baseline run, we install the Accessport and flash the computer. The first install takes some time, so make sure you have a fully charged battery or even better, have the vehicle hooked up to a battery charger. We were quite surprised by how long it actually took to get the initial installation complete. The subsequent flash activities were all very quick, so nothing to worry about after the first flash. We decided to run the Stage 1 91oct v101 map. 


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