Project NSX: Part 4 – We track test KW Suspension, Volk Wheels and Nitto Tires in Pursuit of a Track Record

Project NSX FX500 Silver
The very first NSX that I ever drove was the 500whp FX500 NSX, which remains as one of my favorite cars and is the benchmark for Project NSX.  When it comes to wheels, that car had 17” and 18” Volk CE28s and so will Project NSX.

Project NSX CE28
The Volk CE28 made by RAYS, is just a classic wheel.  It’s a forged monoblock which makes it extremely lightweight, and its 10-spoke design looks great on pretty much any car which is why it’s one of the most popular choice in the Time Attack world.

RAYS is a world-leader in wheel manufacturing.  With championships in F1, WTCC, Super GT, and ALMS to name a few, RAYS is a company that really transfers their motorsports technology and knowledge across their entire product line.  RAYS uses extensive FEA analysis to optimize their designs for light weight and strength.  With decades of experience at the highest level of motorsports, RAYS has gone above and beyond Japan’s strength and durability JWL Intensity standard for aluminum wheels and created their own standard: JWL+R to test for endurance and fatigue that are twice as severe.

Project NSX CE28 Inner Wheel
The inside of the wheel looks as good as the outside.  With smooth, thin spokes and a pocketed center hub, these wheels are extremely well designed for minimal weight.

RAYS has developed various manufacturing processes to create some of the strongest and lightest wheels in the world.  Most of RAY’s wheels, including our CE28s, are manufactured using a mold forging technology which is currently the most advanced method of making a wheel which takes 3 to 4 steps using 10,000 tons of pressure.

RAYS also has their RM8000 process which uses an open-die, spin forming technology.  Additionally, RAYS has one of the best casting processes called RCF: RAYS Cast Flow Forming which applies spinning technology to the casting process to make a lightweight cast wheel with exceptional strength compared to most cast wheels on the market.

Project NSX CE28 Spoke Closeup
Forging wheels makes the metallurgy the strongest by aligning the grain structure to follow the shape of the part for increased strength and increases the metal’s ductility –its ability to take a catastrophic impact without cracking or shattering.  All of this means a wheel can be made lighter while remaining stronger and more durable.

Project NSX Mounted CE28The strength from the forging enables our 17×8” +38 front and 18×9.5” +40 rear CE28s to weigh in at 15lbs and 17lbs respectively.  That’s 2-4lbs lighter than the stock 16” & 17” aluminum wheels which are extremely light in their own right!

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  1. Very similar to my white 94. KW’s, Dali bars, non bushed rear toe links, Nitto 555s for street use, Pride exhaust & breathy heads/valves/springs. Topped with JDM short gearset HRE 17X8.5 and 18 x 10. Hope you also have a pan baffle. Very little body roll. Removed compliance locks since I no longer track.

    The four inch shifter handle’s base is even with the console top. NA2 brakes, Not much slower on straights than Comptech SC but pulls past 8K. Now fabricating chassis bracing top & bottom front.

    The car is great and looks brand new.

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