Project NSX: Part 6 – Building The Ultimate Fuel Pump Assembly
Viton Strips
To give our fuel pump some vibration damping, we cut out a sheet of a very expensive sheet of chemical-resilient Viton to wrap around our fuel pump
Fuel Pump Finished
With the Viton now cushioning the fuel pump from the hanger and the hose clamps holding the pump against the hanger, we were very happy with the end result.  This has to be one of the cleanest Fuel pump installations ever made for an NSX that is capable of ~600whp on E85 and ~800whp on gas.

Stay tuned for future installment of Project NSX where we tackle the rest of the fuel system!


Brown & Miller Racing Solutions


Calico Coatings

Sound Performance


    1. Thank you. Contact Brown & Miller Racing Solutions and tell them the dimensions of the shaft and barb of your fuel pump fitting (I can’t remember off-hand) and they will get you the correct part number. The wire bulkhead connector is ATL CFD-504.

  1. Great solution.

    Only issue is wire configuration: fuel vapour will travel up through the wire – wire can never be installed like this; a better solution is to connect each end independently to studs.

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