Project Porsche 991 GT3 RS, Shedding a Little Weight With Dundon Motorsports!

So I have been pestering the guys at Dundon Motorsports, the maker of our Porsche GT3 RS project car’s awesome set of headers and exhaust system, telling them that they needed to offer a titanium tip option for their exhaust system.  They currently have tips with a polished or black PVD coated stainless finish with straight and angled cuts available. When I was in Seattle for Formula Drift, I gave them a visit to check out their facility and they handed me something light with a warm straw silver color as a going home gift!

It was my much wished for titanium tip for the Dundon Motorsports exhaust system on our GT3 RS!

The Dundon Ti tip uses super tight mitering and fusion tig welds with amazingly small beads.  When installing the tips it is important to degrease them and to remove any bit of fingerprints from them.  Do you know how titanium turns beautiful colors in use? Well, if you leave oil stains and fingerprints, these will burn into your exhaust with hard to remove oxidation patterns that won’t look too good.

So does the new Ti tip have any sort of functional aspect? Well yes, they shave an additional half of a pound off of the Dundon exhaust.  The standard 321 stainless tip weighs 1 pound 6.4 oz and the titanium part weighs 14 oz.  Sure it’s just a little weight but some people go gaga over the 991.2 GT3 RS’s super expensive carbon fiber Weissach Package carbon-fiber roof that saves just a skinny pound over the older 991.1 RS’s magnesium roof and spend thousands to get it.  To save a few ounces on the GT3 RS’s super expensive carbon front trunk lid, Porsche got rid of the iconic and very nice looking crest emblem and instead uses a decal. Spend more, get less.

Personally, for myself, I just got it for fun reasons, the looks, and the cool colors that it will turn with some use.


Dundon Motorsport


  1. Haha…Clay beat me too it…grammar nazism is a mental condition. 😉

    Anyway…that’s actually not a bad weight savings since the exhaust hangs off the back, you technically lowered the polar moment of inertia quite a bit, since it’s pretty far from the CoG….and, titanium…you can’t argue with Ti.

    I have had a lot of road and MTB bikes, and I am a certified ‘weight weenie’…and $1/gram weight reduction is my cutoff limit…if I am paying more than that…it’s not worth it to me…of course, with wheel rims and tires, it’s another issue. I am famous (or, is it infamous?) at my local bike shop for bringing my digital gram scale in to buy tires. You can see huge variations between the same batch of tires, it’s really amazing. I mean, they all cost the same, right? Might as well get the light ones.

    Occassionally, I will see a Porsche with a roof rack around LA…and I just cringe every single time…I’m like…do you even know what Porsche went through to lower the CoG and then you put a roof rack on??? Really?

    But, to each his own.

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