Project [Rotary] FD RX-7: Part 2 – Fuel System (Engine Side)


For the fuel rail we again turned to Full Function Engineering, a company that specializes in RX-7 fuel systems and crank trigger wheel kits (we installed their 60-2 trigger wheel kit in Part 1 of Project FD RX-7). Their secondary fuel rails are available in two or four port configurations for different length injectors. The one used in this build, which is designed specifically for 34mm length injectors only, is technically not a marketed configuration, but is available upon request.

The Full Function Engineering (FFE) secondary fuel rail kit pictured here is specific to builds where a four injector port intake manifold is used with 34mm length injectors. Notice the small black o-rings, which replace the lower injector o-ring for use with FFE's injector bung adapters. These were shown already installed on the injectors previously pictured.

Full Function Engineering's fuel rail kits are well thought out designs that provide many features and options. All of their kits feature o-ring boss fittings, centering mounting posts, and injector bung adapters for the 13B-REW lower intake manifold. The bung adapters are required on either the OEM manifold or the Xcessive manifold because both are sized to accommodate the factory fuel rail.

Bung adapters and injector o-rings test fit to the injectors.

Full Function Engineering injector bung adapters installed to the Xcessive lower intake manifold.

Injector Dynamics ID850 and ID2000 injectors installed to the FFE bungs/Xcessive manifold and ready for the fuel rail. Notice that, like the factory fuel system, the ID850 primary injectors are in the center runners and the ID2000 secondary injectors are in the larger outer runners.

Full Function Engineering fuel rail completely installed to the lower intake manifold.


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