Project S2000 – Part 13 – Hondata KPro Gives More Power and Better Power



Here is a screen shot showing some of the windows in the Hondata KManager software.  The Sensors window can display all the values in a datalog at the selected frame or real-time data from the ECU when the laptop is hooked up to the KPro.  The Graph window can be customized to show all of the datalogged parameters arranged in 1-4 graphs.  All of the tabs in the Parameters window control all sorts of useful functions.

Aside from the substantial performance gains, my favorite feature is the on-board datalogging.  While you can use a laptop hooked up for datalogging, you no longer have to.  No more worrying about a laptop flying around in the passenger seat or getting damaged.  The operation of the on-board datalogging is simple, just set the start and end conditions and all the information are stored in the internal memory of the KPro.  My current start condition is 6000 rpm with a throttle input of 88% and the end condition is 2000rpm and 5mph.  I love this feature!


This is part of a datalog I took during a 3rd gear pull.  One very interesting piece of information relates to the Intake Air Temperature reading.  The IAT is well over 120F and only begins to come down after 50mph.  The outside air temperature at the time was in the high-50s.  The air temperature going into the engine was about 60F higher than ambient!  There are three ways I know of to battle this: cut off the flow of coolant through the intake manifold, the Hondata Heatshield, and a cold air intake of some sort. 


The Hondata KPro installed.  Here you can see the blue wiring which goes through the firewall to theTDC sensor. 

Of course, the built-in datalogging capability of the KPro aids the tuning process.  Another great aspect of the KPro is the stock-like operation.  The car cranks up on a cold-start just like stock, everything works just like stock, and the OBD-II port functions like stock, except the car performs way better than stock.

For any S2000 with power modifications, the KPro for 2000-2005 model year S2000s is a no-brainer. For those with a 2006+ S2000, the FlashPro should be the first power mod you do.  If you live in So Cal, do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of aggravation by taking your S2000 to Church Automotive as I know my car would still be sitting on jack stands if I hadn’t.







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