Project S550 Mustang GT: Part 6 – Installing a Radium Engineering Coolant Expansion Tank and Dual Oil Catch Can

Project S550 Mustang GT: Part 6 – Installing a Radium Engineering Coolant Expansion Tank and Dual Oil Catch Can

By Nathan Brummer


Recently one of our other Project Mustangs, The Grey 5.0, installed a very slick looking Radium Engineering expansion tank.  I instantly fell in love with the way the tank looked and, after reading the benefits of the tank in the article, I was sold.  I got in contact with our friends over at Radium and ordered their expansion tank, 2015 Mustang 1.5 bar radiator cap, as well as their dual catch can system.


The Radium Engineering expansion tank includes everything needed for the install with the exception of a radiator cap. It's also important to note that the stock cap is not reused with the radium kit. 

First off, the quality of these components is second to none.  The new expansion tank replaces that grenade looking monstrosity that Ford put under the hood.  The tank is machined out of billet aluminum and is anodized in a flawless black finish.  The installation is as simple as draining and unbolting the stock unit, and re-installing this superior and much more visually appealing one.  The Grey 5.0 article does a fantastic job of walking through the detailed install, so we won’t rehash that here. Despite the slight model difference the install is nearly identical.  However, we will mention, as we are always planning for future modifications- one critical thing this expansion tank offers that other aftermarket tanks do not, is its compact size.  This can be a common issue as you start looking at packaging power adders into the engine bay.  The size of the Radium Engineering unit leaves plenty of room for what we have planned in the very near future.


It will be so nice to get rid of the eye sore of a stock tank. 
Here is the front of the tank completely assembled and ready to be installed. 
A top view of the tank. 

With the install complete you can see how nicely this tank fits in the engine bay.  Freeing up valuable space that will come in handy down the road. 


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