Project C7 Corvette Stingray Z51: Suspension Upgrades

Project C7 Corvette Stingray Z51: Suspension Upgrades

by Mike Kojima

In previous articles about our Project C7 Corvette, we got into the high tech chassis construction of the C7 that rivals the stuff found in exotic cars for a fraction of the price. We also did our baseline testing of the car at Buttonwillow Raceway to get an initial impression of the car. We were quite impressed with the results. In stock form, the Corvette is one of those cars that is so good from the factory that heavy-handed, poorly conceived aftermarket suspension mods can ruin.

Knowing this, we turned to Chevrolet for their expertise in tuning the C7 for SCCA competition. The C7 is a popular car in SCCA’s T1 class. In the class, the SCCA allows for homologated modifications, such as suspension kits. Chevy designed the kit with racing in the T1 class in mind. This is a well-integrated kit designed by Chevy’s engineers with compatibility with the car’s electronics in mind.

Would the race-derived T1 kit prove to be a bitch on the street? Read on and find out!


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The Chevrolet Performance T1 kit includes a set of shocks, new lower control arms with front and rear anti-sway bars.

The T1 shocks are made for Chevrolet Performance by Bilstein and are a high gas pressure monotube design.

The shocks run Chevrolet’s own specific valving developed specifically for track use.

The shocks come with a hard, high durometer rubber upper mount to transfer more of the suspension motion through the shock than flexing the stock soft rubber for better control.

New lower control arms are part of the T1 kit and come with special high durometer hard rubber bushings. This helps keep the alignment true under the harder loads generated by sticky race rubber.

We really like the factory large diameter, but hollow aluminum control arms that have the huge cross-sectional area for stiffness while being hollow for light weight.


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