Project C7 Corvette Stingray Z51: Suspension Upgrades


A closer look at the bushings in the T1 control arms shows that the voids in the stock bushings for compliance have been filled in solid in addition to the harder rubber.

The bushings for the anti-sway bar mounts are also higher durometer rubber to couple the bars better. The T1 cars also come loaded with brand new ball joints and are ready to drop in place.

The Chevrolet Performance anti-sway bars that come with the T1 kit are significantly stiffer than stock, adding 40% more total roll stiffness to the front suspension and 20% more total roll stiffness in the rear. The sway bars are not adjustable and have a fixed rate.

These swedged on aluminum bands on the front swaybar keep the bar centered on the car’s bushings.This assures that the bar walking on the mounts won’t happen, and the car will always operate in the same consistent manner.

The rear anti-sway bar also has the aluminum anti-walk bands in place.

The front sway bar features hollow construction and hydroformed constant radius bends. The hollow construction is lighter in weight and removing material near the bar’s neutral center axis does not affect the torsional stiffness much.



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