Project C7 Corvette Stingray Z51: Suspension Upgrades


Here is the carbon fiber brace in place!

Next, the longer front braces are removed by unbolting them.

The front braces when compared to the rear parts only have one mounting bolt per end, so the carbon parts are the same as the stock bits.

The new carbon fiber front braces are installed by bolting them down. Our T1 suspension system is now installed.

After having West End Alignment do a street-biased performance alignment on our car for now, we set out to test it by driving around our test loops here at the MotoIQ megashop and hit the road to LS fest in Las Vegas. Would the race-derived T1 suspension be unstreetable and untenably rough?

The answer is a resounding no! We were very impressed with the T1 suspension’s streetabilty. We could not really perceive much difference in NVH at all, and the car’s ride remains supple. For instance, our shop R35 GT-R rides much worse in comfort mode than the T1 suspension! The same thing can be said for our shop’s in-house Porsche GT3 RS.

The T1 suspension seemed really dialed in right out of the box and in fast off-ramp and twisty road driving, we noted much-reduced body roll as well as pitch. Our C7 felt much more planted, and we did not note any greater tendency to understeer, even with a larger gain in front roll stiffness to the rear.

With our basic settings left alone, we hit the road and headed for Las Vegas to pay LS fest a visit. On the 5 hour ride, through LA’s rough streets and sometimes choppy freeways, we noted the T1’s exceptional ride comfort and we arrived in Vegas no worse for wear than if we took a high-end sports sedan. We were impressed.

This is all with the stock wheels and tires, and we figure that once we get our new larger wheels and stickier tires with more aggressive alignment settings we should be able to turn significantly better laps times.

We are so impressed with the Chevrolet Performance T1 suspension that we would heartily recommend it to anyone who owns a C7. It’s like the car should come like this from the factory; well it almost does with this factory engineered system!

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