Project C7 Corvette Stingray Z51: Suspension Upgrades


Visually, the Z51 stock shocks and the T1 shocks look exactly the same.

The part numbers are the best way to tell them apart!

The front dampers remove in the same way, and visually the stickers are what show the difference over the Z51 shocks at first glance!

The Z51 shocks are a nice upgrade over the base model shocks if you wanted to sell them on ebay or something.


Howard reinstalls the front T1 shocks. The front is even easier because, with the hood open, you have easy access to the top mount.

Removing the rear lower control arm is sort of a bitch. You can’t get the rear lower pivot bolt out of the subframe without dropping the entire subframe. The fuel tank is in the way.

Chevy probably put the bolt that way rather than the other way that wouldn’t require dropping the subframe because in case of a severe accident, the end of the bolt could puncture the tank.


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