Project C7 Corvette Stingray Z51: Suspension Upgrades


The rear bar is also hollow. We think this press formed flat area was put there by Chevrolet for fine tuning of the roll stiffness.

The factory aluminum under chassis braces were replaced by these carbon fiber braces by Chevrolet Performance. They are both lighter than stock and stiffer.

The carbon braces have these cool aluminum inserts that protect the carbon from compressive damage caused by the bolts tightening down on the carbon.

As we have said before, the C7 has state of the art underpinnings for a car of any price, rivaling to most snooty of exotics.

To start our installation, we first put the car on the lift and removed the wheels.


The first step was to remove the stock dampers.

Howard unbolts the top and bottom shock mounts and slides the shocks out from the bottom. The mounts are easy to get to, and this does not take long.


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