Project C7 Corvette Stingray Z51: Suspension Upgrades


It takes a trained eye to spot the differences in the bushings.

Here, we are testing the difference in bushing deflection between the stock bushings and the T1 bushings. We will be showing this in the video that will accompany this article soon.

The new control arms are set in place. Note that the composite leaf springs just sit on the arm and you can adjust the ride height and corner weights by turning the screw on the bumper that sits on the end of the spring.

At this point, we turned the screw in to fully lower the car to the full extent of the factory adjustment. This ended up looking pretty sick!


The T1 front arm removal and installation were straightforward compared to the rear arms.

Howard is using an air hammer on the side of the knuckle to separate front ball joint.

Once again, the stock and T1 arms are identical, except for the bushings.


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