Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 26 – It’s Getting Hot in Here, so Chillout!
Chillout Systems coolant hose, ring terminals, parallel splices, and other pieces on counter
The Quantum Cooler can draw a pretty massive 30 Amps on start and when the liquid coolant is at ambient temperature.

It settles out in the low 20 Amp range, but that’s still quite a lot of current, and requires some mondo wiring to support it. I was in a hurry to install the system, so it’s not exactly up to the standards of the rest of the wiring on the rest of Project SC300 – forgive me!

You also see here some breakaway couplings. Remember that when you are wearing a cool shirt, you are quite literally tethered to your vehicle by tubes. If you need to exit the vehicle in a hurry (FIRE!), you probably aren’t going to remember to disconnect your cool shirt, or much of anything else for that matter. These breakway couplings will simply separate when tugged with enough force.

The shirt itself does not come with any liquid connectors on it – just bare tubes. Different systems might have different connections, and Chillout’s shirts don’t force you to use their system, or their liquid connectors. But most of these are pretty standardized within the motorsports scene.

You may need a few other odds and ends to round everything out.


1/4 inch clear tubing
To make your priming loop (if your system didn’t come with one) you’ll need 1/4 inch tubing.

My local hardware store had this on hand in great quantities. Only about 1 foot is needed for the priming loop.


hardware store placard for rubber stopper
Some rubber stoppers also come in handy.

If you think about what an air conditioner is, it’s basically a heat exchanger. So, if the ambient air and your body are driving heat into the liquid coolant flowing through all the tubes, and the Quantum Cooler is exchanging that heat to make it cold again, the heat has to go… somewhere. Thermodynamics says so!

The cooler has vents, and we’ll do some other things to make it even better, but spacing the cooler off the floor to provide additional ventilation doesn’t hurt. These giant rubber stoppers also act as vibration dampers. So it’s a bit of a win-win.


carbon right-angle plenum sitting on top of its packaging box
Chillout Systems has a few different carbon fiber plenums that you can use to direct airflow through the unit.

In my case the right-angle plenum would work out best. It has a 3″ opening which fits standard brake ducting hose that you can get just about anywhere – like Pegasus Auto Racing.

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  1. That’s cool, but not $2500 cool. Damn! The collective sum of all my winter upgrades will come in comfortably south of that. Hopefully the price comes down as the tech matures.

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