Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 26 – It’s Getting Hot in Here, so Chillout!
bottom of carbon plenum with double stick tape showing and covered
OK, time to attach the plenum to the cooler.

This part is pretty easy. Just trim some double-stick tape and affix it to the plenum. Then, stick the plenum to the cooler.


plenum mounted to cooler
There, that wasn’t so bad.

You can see that I’ve left space for brake ducting to come off the plenum and then go… somewhere.


Uber3 250CFM blower with a coil of wiring all sitting on the floor
That somewhere is this Uber3 250CFM blower.

This blower is totally awesome. It has a soft startup, overload protection, and moves a tremendous amount of air. These blowers are used as brake duct blowers on race cars for brake cooling. It will do just fine to push massive quantities of air through the Quantum Cooler to help it operate more efficiently. The instructions say that it draws almost 6 amps, but in my particular case it ended up drawing a little less than that.

It comes with a 2-pin Deutsch DT on its harness, and with a mating connector and machined crimp pins. Since I already had a bunch of the tools required to handle milspec wiring, this was not a problem. Here I just made a long length of wire as a pigtail to connect to power and ground. It’s not pretty, but it will work.


small square bent piece of wire mesh
I took some leftover wire mesh that I had used to put in the front bumper and fashioned a grille for the blower.

I was going to place the blower just behind my head and right near the quarter window. This would get the blower closer to the airstream coming in the window. Eventually I’ll replace the glass quarter windows with some polycarbonate material and add a NACA duct and then re-duct the blower. But, in the interim, I didn’t want any little debris from the track flying in the window and getting sucked into the blower and damaging it. This grille would do the trick.

And, because the blower is so small and light (only 3″ in diameter), I actually just zip tied it to the roll cage. Yes, quite ghetto, and will be fixed in the future. A simple hose clamp pop riveted to the car would totally work as well. Or I can make something fancy later.

The blower has some really, really explicit warnings about not accidentally reversing the polarity of the + and – wires. I made sure to check everything three times, and then checked it again. Oh, and I’m using blue wire for “ground” because I ran out of milspec black and, frankly, this is close enough.

Alright, most of the physical equipment was in place. Now time for wiring. But first, I have…

a plan.

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  1. That’s cool, but not $2500 cool. Damn! The collective sum of all my winter upgrades will come in comfortably south of that. Hopefully the price comes down as the tech matures.

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