Project Scion FR-S Suspension part 1 Getting the Basics with KW Suspension, Cusco and Race Comp Engineering


The Vorshlag Race Comp Engineering sourced camber plate is a nice part.  You would think it was made just for a FR-S instead of an Impreza!  You can see the rearward caster increasing offset clearly here.  We feel that additional caster is important for the FR-S/BRZ.  Vorshalg will be coming out with an FR-S/BRZ camber plate soon as well.
From the bottom you can see how it all fits up.  Even though the mounting ears are much higher on the shock body, the downward protrusion does not interfere with anything.  The FR-S has a lower eccentric on the strut bolt just like a Subaru so we can adjust camber from the top and bottom.  We can get negative camber beyond what the stock eccentric allows and we can also adjust the king pin inclination angle and scrub radius which is a little known adjustment that actually has a pretty big effect on self aligning torque and split mu sensitivity.  We have been setting up our strut equipped competition cars like this a lot lately.
Like the fronts, the rear shocks are obviously much shorter than stock for a lower ride height with plenty of rear wheel travel.
When lowered, the FR-S's stock camber curve is very fast and the car ends up with a lot more negative camber in the back than we wanted.  We sourced Cusco's adjustable lower control arm so we could dial out a lot of this camber.
The Cusco lower arm is a lot more solid than the flimsy stock lower control arm and has an adjustable spherical bearing.  The spherical bearing eliminates one gushy rubber bushing.  Hopefully getting rid of some of the negative camber will reduce the rear suspension's tendency to track rain grooves.  The spherical bearing has a cool rubber seal on it to keep dirt off of it.  In the near future we will be replacing all of the rear links with adjustable Cusco parts as they become available.
You can see how the KW upper spring seat fits into the stock upper spring seat here.  This locates the spring nicely.  We will be replacing the upper mount with the Clubsports spherical bearing equipped part as soon as they become available.  This will put all suspension movement under the control of the damper.

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