Project Scion FR-S Suspension part 1 Getting the Basics with KW Suspension, Cusco and Race Comp Engineering



The toe is also measured with an old fashioned toe bar.  We set our car's front toe at 1/8″ toe out to counter some of the drag created by camber thrust and to speed turn in.  We set our rear toe at 1/8″ in.  Our caster ended up falling in at about 6.6 degrees positive.  This is more than stock but we will be doing some tricks to add even more caster later.  We would like 7 degrees or more.  9 degrees is about the point of diminishing returns with this car.  Caster increases negative camber when the wheels are turned and improves self aligning torque.  Increasing caster to a point, quickens turn in, makes the car more stable in a straight line and increases self steer, all good things.  When we get the rest of our Cusco links and figure out what wheels and tires we want to run we will do a more detailed alignment including setting our kingpin angle and scrub radius.


Our suspension tweaks to date have eliminated our car's propensity to weave with freeway grooves.  This was probably caused by the car having poor alignment from the factory as we have not heard this complaint from other FR-S owners. Our car's ride comfort has greatly improved even though the KW's are much lower and stiffer than stock.  We haven't really tried to tune the suspension yet as the car was just being put together quickly for SEMA display.

Even at this stage, our car turns in much better and has less oversteer while not gaining any understeer.  In fact front grip is greatly improved and the car does not want to tear the outside edges of the tires off anymore.  Stay tuned, we will find a nice wide tire and wheel package and continue to refine our suspension setup in upcoming segments of Project FR-S.




KW Suspension

Cusco USA

Race Comp Engineering

Nameless Performance

Visconti Tuning

Berk Technology



Norwalk Toyota/Scion




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